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The Lowest Bar

By the standard I set for this presidency it has been successful. Before you fly off the handle please reread the preceding sentence carefully. The only standard for success I set for Donald Trump was that he didn’t get us into a nuclear war. My reasoning was that the country (minus some people who have died or will die in the process) would eventually survive any other harm he brought our way. That is an unbelievably low bar and to date this administration has barely managed to clear it. Let’s explore.    Continue reading The Lowest Bar

Stop It At Its Cause

A few days ago it was revealed that Wells Fargo Bank fired about 5,300 relatively low level employees for opening up unauthorized bank accounts. Tuesday Well Fargo’s CEO John G. Stumpf testified before the Senate Banking Committee. His testimony and facts revealed about this current scandal (and there will be more like it) reinforce an argument I have been making for some time – we need to put some CEO’s in prison. Let’s explore. Continue reading Stop It At Its Cause