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The Enshrinement Of John Lewis

For only the 12th time in its existence and the first time in over two years, tellthetruthonthem.com is inducting a new member into its Progressive Hall of Fame. This is a rare occurrence and I hope you continue to read. Continue reading The Enshrinement Of John Lewis

I’ll Take The Over


An occupation that is currently hurting is that of the bookmaker. With professional sports almost completely shut down there simply isn’t much betting going on. Political betting is still alive and well. President Trump’s performance on Sunday night presented an over/under line opportunity for the bookmakers; whether there will be more than (the over) or less than (the under). Trump predicted 100,000 American deaths will be attributed to the coronavirus in 2020. I’ll take the over. Let’s explore.     Continue reading I’ll Take The Over

Another Installment Of The Administration We Can’t Ignore

Today’s article is another destined to be inadequate attempt to catch up on the recent sins of the Trump administration. I would really like to just ignore this organized criminal enterprise until it goes away. That is also what they, along with Vladimir Putin, would like me to do so that they could perpetrate their evil deeds in relative obscurity until it proved to be too late. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Another Installment Of The Administration We Can’t Ignore