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Debate And Debacles

It is Sunday morning as I commence the journey of writing this article. My goal is to cover basically the preceding 100 hours of American political history. I fear I will be incomplete but please come along with me. Continue reading Debate And Debacles

Two June 2019 Nights

For progressives nothing last week was a bigger story than Wednesday and Thursday night’s debates on NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo. If you want my opinions and observations please continue. Continue reading Two June 2019 Nights

The Point Of No Return And When

A big political question these days is will President Trump fire Robert Mueller and/or several others in an attempt to save himself. To me the larger question is whether that will be effective other than in the extreme short run. I still have the same prediction as to how this will all end; my only question remains when. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Point Of No Return And When