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Crazy Court – Part III

Well, Part II proved insufficient so today we’ll do Part III, (I promise this will conclude the series). Today I’m back to a solid PG rating but it is no less dystopian and the real problem is that it could come true.

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We live in an instant gratification society. Legislation has been compared to sausage making. Most of us love a grilled brat at a tailgating event but almost none of us either want to think about what goes into it and fewer yet want to visualize the process. If you think that opening was strange it gets stranger.

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Analyzing The GOP

The Republican Party appears to be at a critical crossroad at the moment. I’m not exactly on their speed dial so I don’t have any inside information but I’d like to take a shot at analyzing what’s going on with them today. Continue reading Analyzing The GOP

The First Indication

Anyone who thinks Mitch McConnell is going to play nice with Joe Biden is naïve (and I’m being polite in my choice of words). McConnell’s strategy will be one of obstruction with the goal of winning a bunch of Congressional seats in the mid-term by making Biden, and by extension the Democrats, look unsuccessful. He employed this strategy once before winning back the House in 2010 and the Presidency in 2016 (with a little help from his friends in Moscow).  There is a lot to unpack here; let’s explore. Continue reading The First Indication

Weighing In

There have been a number of bold ideas put forward by Democrats (most of them running for the presidency) thus far in 2019. I thought today would be a good opportunity to briefly weigh in on three of them. Let’s explore. Continue reading Weighing In