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The First Of Many

The big story of the week just passed is without a doubt Thursday’s indictment of Donald Trump. That day was also opening day of the 2023 MLB season and my Tampa Bay Rays won 4-0. Strange juxtaposition? I’ll tie them together one more time in the last paragraph.

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Final Instructions

Before I commence the main portion of this article, I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the BBC on a century of broadcasting as of tomorrow. The BBC is a resource I use, but not often enough. It is arguably the world’s most widely utilized and trusted news source. Congratulations on a job well done; the thinking world thanks you!

I feel a bit like I’m back in my coaching days when you gave your team “final instructions”. Most Americans really don’t give voting a serious thought until after Labor Day which means – sticking with my sports metaphor – that we are now well into the second half. I’m definitely on Team Democrats so my instructions/advise is to their candidates. I concentrate on “higher offices” so I’m speaking primarily to those candidates.

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Progressive Sweeping VIII

There is much more to cover than I am capable of or have the space for so let’s get right into it. Continue reading Progressive Sweeping VIII

Only We Can Stop The Madman

The actions of Donald Trump have gotten progressively more dangerous during his time in office. Monday he proved he is a madman and must be stopped. The Cabinet (what a joke!) won’t do it. Congress failed to and the blame lies with exclusively one political party. Only the voters can do it and we must. Let’s explore. Continue reading Only We Can Stop The Madman

Consequences And Veterans

How do you put Veterans’ Day and a short analysis of the 2018 election and its consequences together into a single brief article? Let’s explore. Continue reading Consequences And Veterans