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Another Swamp Scandal

I guess in a lot of ways I’m like most consumers of American political news. OK, perhaps a little more obsessed. Well, a lot more obsessed. In any event several times a week an item comes to my attention that really riles me. That occurred again last Friday and I wanted to discuss it with you today. Continue reading Another Swamp Scandal

Another Stab At It

It seems like I make an attempt to catch up on the sins of the Trump administration about once a week. I am never completely successful. Today I’ll take another stab at it. Let’s explore. Continue reading Another Stab At It

The Heart Of The Matter (Pun Intended And Explained)

“What you gonna do when everybody’s insane.” That is a line from Heart’s 1976 hit Crazy on You. When I heard it the other morning I thought, what a perfect explanation for the situation Nancy Pelosi is in trying to negotiate with Trump and his minions. As it so happens the song was co-written by the group’s stars, sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. Unfortunately Nancy is the blond and Ann is the one with dark hair. That was still more than a sufficient setup to satisfy me; now on to exploring the politics.       Continue reading The Heart Of The Matter (Pun Intended And Explained)

Who Cares? No Great Loss!

Jeff Sessions is gone. There are rumors of Kirstjen Nielsen, John Kelly and Wilbur Ross getting canned in the very near future. My reaction is summed up by today’s sarcastic but truthful headline. Let’s explore. Continue reading Who Cares? No Great Loss!

Some Campaign Ammo (And Maybe Some Venting)

As I write this the forecast is that Hurricane Florence is headed my way. Because I am some sixty odd miles inland, I will not get a direct hit nor do I have to worry about storm surge. The loss of power and/or flooding is the worst case scenario but nonetheless the real possibility of either could severely impact my ability to write and post. With Friday and Saturday being “dark days” and my desire to stay at least somewhat timely if you don’t see a posting on Sunday I could be down for a bit. Hopefully not, but for now let’s explore. Continue reading Some Campaign Ammo (And Maybe Some Venting)