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The GOP: The Party That Refuses To Save Itself

Ken Paxton has been returned to the office of Attorney General of Texas by a bunch of cowardly Republican Texas State Senators. Donald Trump was not rendered ineligible for public office by a bunch of cowardly Republican United States Senators. See the pattern? I can’t predict exactly how or when but the GOP will either go the way of the Whigs or be unrecognizably transformed. The question is whether they will be the vehicle of their own salvation or, as they have been to this point, collaborators in a political suicide.

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Progressive Sweeping XLII

Every time I commence a catch-up article, I know I’m destined to not cover everything that deserves coverage let alone every topic that I’d like to cover. Destined for failure; here I go. Please come along with me.

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Progressive Sweeping XXXVI

This will be another of my periodic attempts to catch up and simultaneously vent. If history is any guide, both efforts will be incomplete.

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The Stench – Part II

Today’s article is basically a continuation of yesterday’s. I’ll try to cover many of the other things that happened last week that I think stink. The culprits, with one exception, are Republicans and I’ll conclude with a Democrat caught in a situation that stinks.

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