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Outrage Across The Atlantic

Last week lacked a dominant political news story; what it had was several outrages that if you used them as the plotlines of a novel would be rejected because they were too unbelievable. Let’s explore. Continue reading Outrage Across The Atlantic

Zeroing In on A Recent Outrage

I’m off on another impossible mission again today. I’m going to try to catch up with the recent outrageous behaviors of the Trump administration. You will find that I failed miserably. (Note: This sentence was added and the title changed in the first edit.) Let’s explore. Continue reading Zeroing In on A Recent Outrage

The Good News Is That It Is Not A Heart Attack

Today is another one of those I need to get a lot off my chest days. There is so much on it that it feels like a heart attack in progress. It’s a sunny Saturday morning in the Raleigh area as I begin to pen this for Tuesday’s publication and I’m certain I won’t be able to cover everything that is piled up. In any event, let’s explore. Continue reading The Good News Is That It Is Not A Heart Attack