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Expanding On Yesterday’s Article

It may not often appear that way but I actually do try to keep my articles somewhat short. I had another point I wanted to make about the 2020 Democratic presidential primary which I decided would be the basis of today’s article. Also, Tuesday morning one of my “predictions” became reality making my article somewhat obsolete. Let’s explore. Continue reading Expanding On Yesterday’s Article

Keep It Going Tom

Earlier this year the Democratic National Committee (DNC) elected a new Chair in a hotly contested election pitting two factions of the Party against each other. The victor (by a small margin) was former Labor Secretary Tom Perez who represented the more establishment wing of the Party. His rival, who he wisely included in the new power structure, was Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison who represented the more progressive wing that thought policy first, feasibility and implementation second. It was to a great degree the Obama-Clintons people versus the Sanders people. Out of that bad start we appear to have gotten a good result. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Keep It Going Tom