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The Inside Game

Despite the fact that I had the opportunity to graduate from a world class management school I feel I learned more lessons that I could apply to politics and life during the fifteen years I coached high school and then college basketball. Oversimplifying things, one of the decisions you made was rather to employ an inside or outside offensive game. This article will be an inside baseball/nerdy one (I’ll mix sports metaphors throughout it) but I promise it will be interesting to political junkies and hopefully many more. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Inside Game

Al Gore – The Last Patriot?

Perhaps it is a function of my age, but it seems like only yesterday that America was living through the immediate aftermath of the 2000 election unsure of whom the President would be in a matter of weeks. With the benefit of hindsight a patriotic hero arose and put the good of the nation ahead of his own. Do such patriots exist today? Let’s explore. Continue reading Al Gore – The Last Patriot?