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A Tribute To John McCain

There is some uncertainty as I pen this. Late this morning (Friday August 24th) the family of Senator John McCain announced he is ceasing treatment for cancer. It is inevitable that he will soon leave us and I intend to publish this soon after that preempting another article if necessary and viable. Traditionally it would be called an obituary. I would rather call it a tribute. I feel inadequate to write McCain’s obituary but I can express sincere appreciation of his service to his and my country. I’m not sure when you will read this, but I assume it will be soon. Continue reading A Tribute To John McCain

Which End Of The Horse?

Sunday Donald Trump announced his first two appointments and the controversy continues. While some 4,000 people will be hired at the President-elect’s discretion most of the high profile ones will require Senate confirmation; these two did not. Trump had a completely free hand in them and they may give us a glimpse into what a Trump presidency will look like. The crystal ball is still hazy. Nonetheless let’s gaze into it together. Continue reading Which End Of The Horse?

Money And Motive

To other than political junkies a piece of news that broke Tuesday won’t mean much but it really tells us a lot about the 2016 race. It was reported and verified by the Trump campaign that Donald Trump had run his final big money fundraiser on October 19th. Let’s explore what that really means. Continue reading Money And Motive