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Malarkey And The Unknown

There is a lot of downright laughable disinformation out there mainly being dispensed by Trump and his allies. I’ll cover a bit of that today. Also, as you attempt to evaluate where we stand in relation to 1/6 and the Trump administration keep in mind that there is a huge gap between what is publicly reported (in other words we know) and what is known.

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And Then There Were These

There is a lot happening; more than I can possibly cover in five articles a week. Today will be another catch up posting. Continue reading And Then There Were These

And There Was More

The last few days have been jam packed with political news. I just spent the last two days writing about a tie for the biggest story of last week and I still had to throw in another item. That was insufficient so I will do one of my catch up style articles today. Continue reading And There Was More

Born In Buffalo (And a Few Other Things)

This is the last of my “live” postings of 2021 and I though it was a fine opportunity to do a clean up type article. I guess everyone has some sort of special feelings for their birthplace and today I’m going to say something nice about mine in the leadoff segment. Continue reading Born In Buffalo (And a Few Other Things)