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Donald Trump tells his audiences that despite all his past transgressions he will now use that same “genius” – his word certainly not mine – to work for them. He holds himself forth as their champion. To borrow a phrase from Vice President Biden, my reply is: malarkey!

Trump is a member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club. He never had to work for a thing in his life and his ideas, (no matter how ridiculous), have seldom been challenged during his adult life. He lives in the Donald Dome where all he hears is yes Mr. Trump, you are so brilliant Mr. Trump and your hands are so big Mr. Trump. I grew up as a white kid from the suburbs so my life was better than some but it was certainly nothing like Trump’s.

Let’s just look at one recently revealed number and really try to relate to it. Trump took a tax loss of nearly $916 million in 1995. That is the economic world he lives in and part of his evidentiary offering of his genius (go figure that one). Let’s try to put that into perspective. Continue reading Relating