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The Trump Tax Increase

It is Election Day morning as I write this. I have no idea who won or if we even know the results as of the publishing of this article.  (I plan to write an election “recap” article for Sunday’s publication.)  For this article it doesn’t matter.  I follow three economists closely.  My regular readers know how often I cite the work of Paul Krugman.  Less frequently, and mostly for the theoretical portion of his work, I cite French economist Thomas Piketty.  The third is Joseph Stiglitz whose Sunday morning New York Times op-ed, Republicans, Not Biden, Are About To Raise Your Taxes, was a showstopper to me in that in the hubbub of Trumpism I forget about the subject matter of his article.  Let’s explore. Continue reading The Trump Tax Increase

Some Of What Could Be

In one of his books the late Lee Iacocca stated that the American voters should demand that presidential candidates disclose who would be in their Cabinet if elected. Iacocca may have had some talent at selling Mustangs – more likely he was in the right place at the right time – but he was totally naïve (I’m being kind in my choice of words) when it came to being a major party presidential candidate. Major party candidates cannot disclose who would serve in their Cabinet and on their senior staff for a multitude of reasons; but op-ed writers can put out wish lists based on real world considerations. Let’s explore.     Continue reading Some Of What Could Be

Last Minute Gift? Give Knowledge

When I talk to young people I tell them if by the time they are forty years old when they look in the mirror if they don’t see their best teacher they did something wrong. I’m not going to sell math short and I agree with the emphasis put on STEM but reading is far and away the most important academic skill. Basically, if you can read you can teach yourself almost anything. Continue reading Last Minute Gift? Give Knowledge

Power And Inequity

Question: What do you get when you bring together a favorite college professor, a respected friend’s suggestion, a group of wise friends’ decision and two books?

Answer: This article.

Question: Do I have you intrigued?

Hopefully the answer is yes; in which case I invite you to come along and explore.   Continue reading Power And Inequity


I just added Winners Take All: The Elites Charade of Changing the World by Anand Giridharadas and People, Power, and Profits: Progressive Capitalism For An Age of Discontent  by Joseph Stiglitz to the Recommended Reading List.

In “Winners” Giridharadas explores the motives and methods of philanthropists.  In his book Nobel Prize winning economist Stiglitz looks at inequity more through an economic lens.

I actually recommend that you read the two in tandem; order of no particular consequence.