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The Danger Of Willful Ignorance And Incompetence

Ignorance is excusable and a fact of life. It is impossible to know everything. A personal example is that as I entered what I call Phase II of my retirement late last month I joined a classics book club which I will attend my first meeting of later this week. Reading the classics was a gap in my education and I’m trying to plug it a bit. Willful ignorance is not knowing on purpose and acting as if you did. That is how the Trump administration is operating and it is a danger to America and the rest of the planet. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Danger Of Willful Ignorance And Incompetence

Debate And Debacles

It is Sunday morning as I commence the journey of writing this article. My goal is to cover basically the preceding 100 hours of American political history. I fear I will be incomplete but please come along with me. Continue reading Debate And Debacles

My President Is A Twit

Most Americans hold the United Kingdom in a special place in their heart. That is a large part of why so many Americans are concerned about Brexit and Boris Johnson. It is often joked that the biggest barrier is the common language. However, the same word may have a different meaning on the other side of the pond. Curse words are the first to come to mind but I’m not going there. With that in mind I’d like to entertain you with an attempt at humor while still staying on a very important political topic. Let’s explore. Continue reading My President Is A Twit

More Than Enough

I’m writing this Friday morning for Sunday publication and portraying it as the biggest political story of the preceding week. Some may say that is bold and downright dangerous considering the velocity of news in recent days. I think there is plenty of material for an article and also more than a sufficient amount of evidence to justify the impeachment of Donald Trump by the House and his subsequent removal from office by the Senate. Let’s explore.   Continue reading More Than Enough

A Timeline And A Plan

Now that we are calling the impeachment inquiry an impeachment inquiry the battle is one for public opinion. Impeachment is largely a political process and it will only be successful if it has public support. When it was based mainly on Russiagate the truth is there was insufficient public support. Ukrainegate may have either changed that or more likely was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Viewing polling in the next few weeks will be both interesting and telling. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Timeline And A Plan