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How To Handle An Abusive Relationship

American democracy finds itself in an abusive (and adversarial) relationship with the Republican Party. That is a monumental problem. The first step in solving a problem is to realize that it exists. I spent ten years on the Board of an organization that helped people deal with abusive relationships. The key to solving that issue is also straight forward.

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Further Evidence

Perhaps I’ve stumbled upon a new theme for Sunday articles. Today I want to write of the biggest political outrage of the week just passed – and there were plenty of candidates. Sadly, this one received little press.

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Random But Relevant

Today’s article is another of the catch-up variety. I hope you find one or more thought provoking tidbits below.

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The Act

Most often the subject of my Sunday article is what I deem to be the most important political story of the week just ended. This week, while not discounting its importance, the subject is the most disgusting occurrence of last week. Continue reading The Act

Every Voice Heard

I have long held a view that some may consider unconventional. I feel that all Americans eligible to vote should be legally required to cast a ballot. The only exemptions I would consider would be mental capacity and religious beliefs. (Three democratic countries current require voting.) Now I’m not forcing them to vote for any candidate(s) or issue(s); a blank ballot would suffice. (I doubt many would be cast.) I think voting is crucial in a democracy and full participation should be the goal. We have two major political parties and one, the Republican Party, is on a mission to make voter participation in elections as difficult as possible.

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