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Coming Into The 7th Inning

I thought I’d use a baseball metaphor to illustrate a political point today. When baseball mangers enter the seventh inning they think in terms of nine more outs. We are in the equivalent of the seventh inning of the 2018 elections. One of my pet peeves in politics is how people sloppily interpret polls. Their two big mistakes are failure to take timing and the margin of error into consideration. Let’s explore how that effects what the 2018 Senate races look like today. Continue reading Coming Into The 7th Inning

Gun Insanity?

For anyone who doubts the power of the gun lobby in America I just want to point out a bill that as of this writing is awaiting President Trump’s signature to become law. I have no doubt Trump will sign it. This is also an example of the evil that is being perpetrated while most of the world is caught up in the distractions of the circus at the White House. If you are brave, venture forth with me. Continue reading Gun Insanity?

An Early Look At The ’18 Senate Races

The dust has yet to completely settle on the 2016 election but it is already time for political junkies to start looking ahead to 2018. My biggest interest has always been the Senate and I’d like to give the 2018 Senate races a preview today. Continue reading An Early Look At The ’18 Senate Races