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The Optimal Choice

This is not the article I intended to publish twenty-four hours ago when I wrote yesterday’s article, A Lot Of Smoke. Today I find it necessary so please indulge me and come along. Continue reading The Optimal Choice

A Lot Of Smoke

As I write this the most popular parlor game in American politics is the identity of Joe Biden’s running mate. This is a game we play every four years (in open seat election years twice) and in the long run it means very little. It is fueled by the opposition intimating how bad all the options are along with how they will attack them and the media’s need to have something to fill their spaces with. I like to call it smoke and there is a lot of it around lately and not only from the Veepstakes but we’ll talk about some of the other smoke another day. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Lot Of Smoke

The First Obligation

The more things change it seems the more they stay the same. Decades ago one of my best political teachers, the late John Maloney, taught me that the first obligation of a politician is to win. Because if they didn’t they couldn’t do themselves, their party or their causes any good. Mr. Maloney (and I never called him anything else to his face or behind his back) was correct then and still is to this day. With that in mind, let’s explore. Continue reading The First Obligation

Campaign Like It’s 2018 Again

In my opinion the biggest value to the study of history is learning from it. If something works repeat it; if something doesn’t work don’t keep repeating it. 2018 was a great year for Democrats. A large part of that was a backlash against Donald Trump which generated unprecedented Democratic turnout for a mid-term. The result was a huge Blue Wave. As in sports so it is in politics: opportunity is only good if you seize it and make the most of it. 2018 is a guide for 2020. Let’s explore. Continue reading Campaign Like It’s 2018 Again