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My Lifetime Of Presdients

Today is Presidents’ Day. One of America’s minor national holidays. Most people in education, finance and government have the day off; for the rest it is a regular work day. I’m old enough to remember when we had a day off for both Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays but along the way they got consolidated and now we supposedly honors all 45 men (Grover Cleveland was counted twice in the presidential numbering “system”) who have occupied the office of the Presidency. Enough (and incomplete) history.

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The Endorsement Of Terry McAuliffe

This is an article I did not anticipate writing. Normally I do not make endorsements in off year elections but the 2021 Virginia governor contest is too important to ignore. Continue reading The Endorsement Of Terry McAuliffe

It Should Be Like ’76 But…

Election night is always exciting and special for a political junkie like me. This campaign should be like 1976 with any Democrat winning easily; it won’t be. In many years the networks are able to call the winner at 11pm EST when the five last states close their polls. This year I not only guarantee that won’t be the case; we won’t know the final numbers in the Senate and possibly control of that chamber. It will look much more like 2000. Let’s explore why. Continue reading It Should Be Like ’76 But…

A Lot Went On

Traditionally the Sunday article’s subject matter is the biggest political news story of the week just ended. You pick it; I certainly can’t. Therefore I’ll briefly comment on several of the candidates. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Lot Went On