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Progressive Sweeping XL

I feel the need to say a bit about many things; so here we go.

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Supreme Ideas

With good cause I have often criticized the Supreme Court. I am far from alone. Many ideas have been floated to help reform it. On December 11th, the Washington Post published Jennifer Rubin’s op-ed entitled, There is a path to save the Supreme Court from itself. That was the most comprehensive yet concise articulation of solutions I have read and it, in part, was the catalyst for this article. Continue reading Supreme Ideas


I just added Resistance: How Women Saved Democracy from Donald Trump by Jennifer Rubin to the Recommended Reading List.

In her debut book Washington Post opinion writer Rubin writes a  womencentric look at recent American elections.  Rubin is a conservative, former Republican, anti-Trumper who takes a mostly agnostic look at the political science of recent American electoral politics.

I especially recommend this work to younger women and political science junkies regardless of party affiliation of political philosophy.

The Johnson Problem

If you asked me who the most dangerous member of the United States Senate to America is a week ago I would have said Mitch McConnell. McConnell is powerful, smart, evil, devious, amoral and hypocritical. I’m starting to have second thoughts – it might just be Ron Johnson. Continue reading The Johnson Problem

Trump Had His Best Week In Office (And It Was Still Terrible)

Last week was Donald Trump’s best as President. Don’t think I have lost it or if you are a Trump supporter who accidentally stumbled upon this site that I’m cheerleading for him. Please allow me to explain. Continue reading Trump Had His Best Week In Office (And It Was Still Terrible)