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Analyzing The GOP

The Republican Party appears to be at a critical crossroad at the moment. I’m not exactly on their speed dial so I don’t have any inside information but I’d like to take a shot at analyzing what’s going on with them today. Continue reading Analyzing The GOP

Tales Of The 2020 GOP Platform

Please correct me if I am wrong but I cannot remember a national political party convention that did not issue a platform and I started following conventions in 1960. These days only nerds actually read the platforms but they are the basic philosophy that a Party runs on that year. The 2020 Republican National Convention chose not to issue one; that speaks volumes! Let’s explore. Continue reading Tales Of The 2020 GOP Platform

Some Presidents’ Day Thoughts

Today is Presidents’ Day, one of those national holidays that sneak up on you mainly because most people don’t get to celebrate it. Unless you are in education, finance or government there is a good chance it is just another working Monday. If you are a senior citizen like me you remember when we had both Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays off every February. With winters as cold and snowy as they were in Western New York those two February Mondays off from school were very welcome in my youth! In any event I thought of another plausible ending for the current Presidency and I thought today might be an appropriate day to share it. Come along. Continue reading Some Presidents’ Day Thoughts

Are You Winning With Trump? Vlad Is!

To me there was no lone story last week that was the biggest in American politics; there was a collecting when taken together that is of historic proportion. In the following paragraphs I will attempt to briefly cover several of them. The article will be lengthy but I’m certain still incomplete. Let’s explore. Continue reading Are You Winning With Trump? Vlad Is!

Predicting The Opponent

When I was coaching a great deal of my time was spent scouting upcoming opponents. Basketball isn’t that different from politics in that regard. Knowing what your opponent is likely to do along with their strengths and weaknesses is crucial in formulating a winning game plan.   In basketball (aside from tournaments) you know your opponent well in advance. In politics it is much more of a guessing game. For example, despite a rather lengthy series of articles about the 2016 election GOP field I never even wrote one about Donald Trump. Like most (including a lot of Republicans) I did not take his candidacy seriously until it was too late. With all that in mind let’s take a look at what I think are the nine (yes nine) possible 2020 Republican standard bearers. Continue reading Predicting The Opponent