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Thoughts And Quotes

Today I have much to say and insufficient space in which to express it all. Constraints in mind, here I go on a mission destined to fail. Continue reading Thoughts And Quotes

As I Head To Some Time Off

2020 has been an unusual year to say the least. Routine became almost synonymous with nostalgia.  One thing I’m keeping the same is that I am taking the second half of December off from my version of live blogging.  The next several articles will have been written well before publishing.  (Unlike Congress I make sure my work is finished before I take off.)  However I cannot leave without taking a look at a few tidbits before I go.  Let’s explore. Continue reading As I Head To Some Time Off

My President Appears To Be A Tax Cheat And Going Broke

Sunday night the New York Times (which is far from failing or fake news) posted a bombshell story outlining how President Trump has been involved in questionable (I’m being kind) practices on his taxes, is in a dispute with the IRS that if it doesn’t go his way could cost him in excess of $100 million and has over $300 million in loans coming due in the next four years. There is a lot there, let’s explore it. Continue reading My President Appears To Be A Tax Cheat And Going Broke

The Rhetoric Of A Greybeard

Baseball is a game for young men. The mangers are often a generation or two older. In baseball the “old guys” (often in their 40’s – everything is relative) are called greybeards. Yesterday a quasi-peace agreement between Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was signed at the White House. I’m sure Trump and his sycophants will tout it as a great achievement. It is not. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Rhetoric Of A Greybeard