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Bad Men Living

Today’s article will be a departure from the usual Sunday format in that I will consider multiple incidents and go back two weeks instead of focusing only on the one just ended.

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A Week Of Three Stories

Sunday’s subject is most often the biggest political story of the week just passed. This week there were three huge stories that I have not covered to this point. There is a lot to try to cover so let’s explore.   Continue reading A Week Of Three Stories

My President Is A Coward

John Bolton resigned the other day from his position as National Security Advisor. I’m far from crying over that but it did get me thinking. It really illustrates something about President Trump. Let’s explore. Continue reading My President Is A Coward

Deal Of The DC Dons?

Any of my regular readers know I view the Trump administration as an organized criminal enterprise. It’s not much of a stretch to view the way Mitch McConnell has handled the Republican Senate Caucus in a similar vein. Hence my theory of the two, turf splitting DC Dons. The big difference is that McConnell primarily spreads the money around to help elect Republican Senators who are then beholden to him. Trump primarily just pockets the money and really doesn’t care about the GOP. Along those lines I have to ponder how far back this relationship goes, what it entails and how enduring it will be. With that in mind, let’s explore. Continue reading Deal Of The DC Dons?