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A Clear Path Forward. Will Others Listen?

Timestamp: Thursday morning.

It’s been two weeks since Joe Biden’s terrible debate performance yet it is still the number one story at the expense of more important election factors that are getting much less coverage. That is the problem!

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D Night In DC

Tuesday night President Trump gave his State of the Union address. I have watched the vast majority of the State of the Union addresses during my adult lifetime. Never have I found one that I could describe with so many words beginning with the letter “D” as in disgusting, despicable, disingenuous and deceiving. One word beginning with the letter “D” that I cannot use to describe Trump’s behavior is diplomatic. Continue reading D Night In DC

A Path Forward – Part Three

While doing some reading Monday morning a thought struck me. Was 2016 really an issues free campaign or did malarkey triumph over substance? (I wonder how many venial sins Joe Biden has saved me from committing.) Let’s explore. Continue reading A Path Forward – Part Three