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If It’s Thursday…

As is too often the case on Thursdays, today’s is another of my catch up articles. I won’t waste any more ink on the lead in. Continue reading If It’s Thursday…

A Gift That Is Really Plural

Today is the first day of winter, this is the last article I will publish before the last minute Christmas gift buying frenzy and I’m deeply concerned for America. Juxtapose all those things and in my mind I have the basis of an article. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Gift That Is Really Plural

Keep A Buckeye Peeled

It is not too soon to look ahead to 2018. If it weren’t for Russiagate our domestic politics would already be dominated by 2018 discussions. There will be a plethora of interesting and impactful races. Today I want to zero in on one state that I feel has the potential to be extremely impactful on the 2020 elections very much depending on what happens in two races in 2018. Let’s explore. Continue reading Keep A Buckeye Peeled


I just added three books to the Recommended Reading list.  They are Hillbilly Elergy by J. D. Vance, Listen, Liberal by: Thomas Frank and Insane Clown President by Matt Taibbi.   They are part of my (yet to be completed) reading designed to help me understand why some people voted for Donald Trump last November and the way forward for the Democratic Party.

Vance admits to being a conservative but both Frank and Taibbi are certainly left of center.  This is Frank’s second book to make the list.  As is my current practice I will not review the books; there are plenty of reviews available elsewhere.  Taibbi’s book is the most entertaining, but I wasn’t reading for entertainment value.    The most significant political lessons come from reading the epilogue.  In it Matt does an outstanding job of bringing things together and offering valuable insights.