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Put Bad People In Power…

Wednesday morning, I awoke to a bombardment of the same story, albeit with slightly different headlines. In what was obviously a coordinated announcement Ireland, Norway and Spain had recognized a Palestinian state. This is in addition to the UN recently taking similar action. That didn’t happen in a vacuum.

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I’m extremely cautiously optimistic about President Biden’s chances in November. I don’t care what the polls currently say. I’m looking at other factors and down the road but I see one huge stumbling block other than the always unpredictable unknown, that worries me and I’d like to write about that today.

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A Closer Look

Talk about competition! I could have justified picking any of several stories as the biggest in American politics last week. I decided on a, in my mind, five pronged one. Please read on.

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Timestamp: Sunday morning

I haven’t written a lot about the situation in the Middle East but I’ve far from ignored it. It is certainly dynamic, hence the timestamp. October 7th didn’t occur in a vacuum but it was a game changer. This weekend’s Iranian attack on Israel will prove to be another inflection point, but there was one heck of an overture. With all that in mind I’d like to propose the outline of a path forward from an American perspective.

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