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Trying Again

Today will be another attempt to catch up on recent events, spiced with a few observations and thoughts. I’ll explain the title at the end. Continue reading Trying Again

The Threat Is Still Present

The other day I ran into a friend and frequent reader. We hadn’t seen each other in about a year and did a bit of catching up. I confided in him that I was surprised I was still writing about Trump as much as I am. I said, “He just won’t go away.” (The quote might be a bit inaccurate – missing an adjective or two better left out of this article.) Trump is but the American manifestation of the disease which is alive, well and global. Here are a few tidbits in support of my argument.

Continue reading The Threat Is Still Present


We live in complicated times and boiling everything down to a single word is a fool’s errand but if that task were forced upon me my single word would be uncertainty. People don’t like uncertainty and neither do capitalist markets. Currently both our personal lives and economy are trapped in multiple uncertainties making life uncomfortable. Let’s explore. Continue reading Uncertainty

2020 Clearly?

Another new year is upon us and in American politics it doesn’t appear it will be a quiet, boring one! I’ll try and predict what the top five stories of 2020 will be. Let’s explore. Continue reading 2020 Clearly?

A No Show Payment Scam

If you were expecting a review of last night’s debate I’m sorry to disappoint but you won’t find it here; at least not today. If you want to understand the Trump administration my long held belief is that you must begin by viewing it as an organized criminal enterprise. The subject matter of today’s article is one of the best scams I have ever heard of. (But not the best; that one was told to me decades ago by a man who claims to have participated in it and is himself dead for many years now. I don’t know if it was true but I have reason to believe it and he was reputed to be connected and never denied it.) Let’s explore.   Continue reading A No Show Payment Scam