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Essence Of A Scam Gone By

It is a sunny Saturday afternoon in the Raleigh area as I pen this article. About two or three times a year I write a piece that is speculation – this is one of those times. I can’t help it but I smell a rat; one with a very similar odor to another rat I and almost all of America missed in 2003. Let’s explore. Continue reading Essence Of A Scam Gone By

Saber Rattling Or Prelude To War

This is becoming par for the course, but last week was another where it was impossible to single out one story as the biggest political story of the week. However, I have decided to write about the possibility of America going to war, primarily concentrating on Iran as our opponent. Let’s explore. Continue reading Saber Rattling Or Prelude To War

Greatest Hits: Responsibility For The National Debt Revisited

Please note: The following article was originally posted in July of 2011. While its numbers are certainly dated the principles they illustrate are not. The national debt has again arisen as an issue in the 2016 campaign. The Republicans falsely try to portray it as total mismanagement by President Obama aided by Hillary Clinton.   In reality it illustrates that a combination of tax cuts and faulty decisions by the George W. Bush administration have inflated the debt more than the collective actions of all his predecessors and President Obama combined. Continue reading Greatest Hits: Responsibility For The National Debt Revisited

Trump Imports Trash

I simply have neither the time or desire to read every rumor circulating on the fringes of the right wing. Apparently the same cannot be said for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. When something doesn’t make sense I rely on my knowledge of history and/or check it out. Again, apparently the same cannot be said for Trump. In his defense I have to concede he seems to have very little knowledge of American history; even the history of his country during his lifetime. Can you say Baby Boomer and nuclear triad? Continue reading Trump Imports Trash

He’s Nuts!

You know your campaign is really going poorly when people from both Parties, (yes that includes the one you are the standard bearer of), are openly discussing and writing that they think you are crazy. That is the situation Donald Trump found himself in last week. Continue reading He’s Nuts!