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Debate And Debacles

It is Sunday morning as I commence the journey of writing this article. My goal is to cover basically the preceding 100 hours of American political history. I fear I will be incomplete but please come along with me. Continue reading Debate And Debacles

A Week Of Three Stories

Sunday’s subject is most often the biggest political story of the week just passed. This week there were three huge stories that I have not covered to this point. There is a lot to try to cover so let’s explore.   Continue reading A Week Of Three Stories

Otherwise Happening

Impeachment is sucking up all the oxygen in the political news world but there is much else going on that I want to try to touch on. The operative word may be “try”. Let’s explore. Continue reading Otherwise Happening

4 Senators And Other Distractions

It’s Monday afternoon as I pen this. The rules under which the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump will be conducted are to be established and opening arguments are slated to begin tomorrow; (yesterday as you read this). The fact that the rules of a Senate impeachment trial are slated to be established on Day 2 of the trial is an oddity to say the least. In fact as of this writing the House Managers (think: prosecutors) are scheduled to deliver their opening remarks Tuesday sans any idea what rules (think: constraints) they will be operating under. Add to that the fact that four members of the jury are running for president and you can see that we have a lot to explore. Continue reading 4 Senators And Other Distractions