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Did I Miss Something?

My degree is not in political science but I’ve been observing and writing about politics for long enough that I feel I have a better than decent idea of what strategies should be. I also spent 15 seasons coaching basketball at reasonably high levels and like to think I have an idea of winning strategies there too. What is happening in the 2024 GOP presidential primary confounds me. With the notable exception of Chris Christie none of the others appear to be willing to take on the clear frontrunner, Donald Trump, at a moment he appears to be particularly vulnerable to attack.

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Trump I-Words

Several words beginning with the letter “I” have become more prominent since the election of Donald Trump. It can be for investigation; I’ve lost track of how many there are/have been into his activities. It can be for impeachment. Trump is the only American President to be impeached twice. In fact, there have only been four impeachments of Presidents in the history of America; Trump accounts for half of them. Lately it stands for criminal indictment. Last week Trump faced his second felony one and became the only former American president to be federally indicted. While not unexpected it has to be the biggest political story of the week just ended.

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If The President Does It…

The Trump presidency has shown me the inadequacies of my talents. The only way to cover this administration in anything resembling a comprehensive manner would be to write a book a week. I simple lack that talent and capacity. What is old is once again new seems to fit part of what we saw unfold last week. With all that in mind, let’s explore. Continue reading If The President Does It…