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Too Many Questions To Confirm

Dateline and timeline: “Florence Sunday” afternoon Wake Forest, North Carolina. I don’t want to jinx myself by prematurely declaring the threat is over, but thus far I’ve been spared any significant hardships from Hurricane Florence. However the Washington Post delivered a “storm” to my inbox a bit ago.

I have been opposed to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court largely due to “circumstantial evidence”; succinctly put, I don’t feel Donald Trump should be able to nominate a Supreme Court Justice under the current cloud surrounding his presidency. I realize that elections have consequences and that I’m not going to love any nominee any Republican puts forward based on our opposing political philosophies. Today my objection to Kavanaugh crosses the bridge from theoretical and philosophical to personal. I seriously question whether Kavanaugh has the integrity and moral character to sit on the Court.   Continue reading Too Many Questions To Confirm

“Bring it”

Currently isolating a single story as the biggest story of any week in American politics is difficult. Last week was no exception. All that said my choice is the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. My predictions haven’t changed; I still expect him to come out of committee on a Party line vote and his conformation in the Senate, while not a sure thing, is still likely; (more on that another day.) That is not to say that the hearings lacked impact. Let’s explore.    Continue reading “Bring it”