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I Wasn’t Surprised

News of “mysterious” hysterectomies at an ICE detention center came out over the last few days. That is horrible! However, after having lived in Trump’s America for nearly four years now I wasn’t surprised. That is concerning! Let’s explore. Continue reading I Wasn’t Surprised

Trump’s Onion

This will be another catch up day. All I will (incompletely) cover are Trump’s recent “I can’t believe this” adventures. The inspiration for today’s article is the satirical publication The Onion. Let’s explore. Continue reading Trump’s Onion

Of Sets And Subsets

The concept is a simple one to comprehend. I learned it in either elementary or junior high school. The bottom line is that it was so early in my education and long ago that I cannot remember the occurrence. Evidentially it is too complex for most Republican elected officials to understand or it is another case of willful ignorance; in this case aided by racism and xenophobia. I trust I have sufficiently piqued your interest to the point you will come along and explore with me.       Continue reading Of Sets And Subsets

No Fun Stuff Here

This is another of my attempts to catchup on recent political events. The “best” piece is not exactly cause for celebration, so you can anticipate what the remainder is like. Let’s explore. Continue reading No Fun Stuff Here

Mr. President/Mr. Sledge?

Too often we attribute Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party to the large number of racists in its base. That is certainly a major factor but far from the only one. Today I want to explore the exploitive (and often deep pocketed) part of the Party which Trump certainly represents. All we have to do is look at the last ten days of events in America to see illustrations of both phenomenon and their compatibility within today’s GOP. Let’s explore. Continue reading Mr. President/Mr. Sledge?