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Little Bits About A Lot of Things

There are so many things happening in politics that I would like to comment on. Today I’d like to do one of my incomplete “catch up” articles. Let’s explore. Continue reading Little Bits About A Lot of Things

A Clarification And More


The other day I wrote one of my periodic state of the 2020 Senate races articles. In it I could have been clearer about one of the Georgia Senate seats and I want to go into more detail today. I will also use today’s article as a sort of catch up article on several other events. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Clarification And More

Who Am I? And Other Questions

In order to do my “job” I have to pay some attention to the right wing myth machine. For the sake of my sanity and time I try to keep it to a minimum. These days that leaves me questioning who I am and what exactly is going on. I will be incomplete, but let’s explore. Continue reading Who Am I? And Other Questions