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Of Michael And Money

To date I’m not aware of any grade President Trump has given himself on Hurricane Michael. Based on his self-evaluation in the wake of Hurricane Maria, it will probably be an “A” followed by multiple pluses. I’d like to discuss a factor that didn’t get much press along with a personal note and a political observation. Let’s explore. Continue reading Of Michael And Money

Poultry, Pigs And Pollution

I have often stated that the Republicans are hazardous to your health. That is not hyperbole and today I want to back it up with a developing story from my backyard; well downriver from my backyard to be more accurate. Let’s explore. Continue reading Poultry, Pigs And Pollution

An October Surprise? (And Some Current Stuff Too)

It’s Thursday. I had a wild idea the other day and there are a bunch of things that don’t constitute a full article (in one case yet) but that I wanted to cover. How to resolve my dilemma? Why not combine them? Let’s explore. Continue reading An October Surprise? (And Some Current Stuff Too)

Midwest John Portends New York City Don

Dateline and timeline: early “Florence Friday” evening Wake Forest, North Carolina. Thus far the effects of the hurricane haven’t been too bad in the Raleigh area. I experienced tolerable wind and rain along with a brownout late this morning and a complete power outage fifteen minutes in duration earlier this evening. I’m fortunate!

Midday today the surprising news of Paul Manafort’s cooperation agreement with Robert Mueller broke. As early as this morning I was holding fast to my prediction that Manafort wouldn’t flip. I felt he feared the Russian mob more than jail time. On top of that there was always the chance of a Trump pardon. It certainly appears I read that one incorrectly. All that said my overriding wish is that he is provided with outstanding security. Continue reading Midwest John Portends New York City Don

Hot Air

I try to make the Sunday article about the biggest political story of the previous week. It is Thursday morning and I’m waiting to see what Hurricane Florence has in store for the metro Raleigh area. I may be operating from a somewhat provincial position but I think the biggest story will be Florence and that is the core of today’s article. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Hot Air