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It’s More Than Just Trump

If polling is to be believed – and it was much more accurate in 2016 than most people give it credit for – if the election were held today Donald Trump would lose by a substantial margin. Hopefully that both holds up and is sufficient to offset the cheating that is already happening and will only get worse as we near Election Day and after. However that is insufficient. Trump is merely the chief clown and spokesperson; the evil runs much deeper. Let’s explore.   Continue reading It’s More Than Just Trump

Deflecting Blame

A lot of information crosses my eyes on a daily basis; in fact too much. Tuesday a tidbit came to my attention that sparked this article because I knew it wasn’t an isolated incident. Let’s explore. Continue reading Deflecting Blame

What Is The Truth?

I often use a song to put my readers in the mindset most conducive to reading that day’s article. Today I’m going to use a movie; the 1982 hit Sophie’s Choice. More specifically I’m going to use a line of dialog Meryl Streep used while portraying the lead character for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. It deals with the truth: “Ah, the truth, ah, the truth, I don’t even know what is the truth – after all the lies I have told.” With that in mind, let’s explore. Continue reading What Is The Truth?