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It is mid-Monday morning as I begin to write this. The news is filled with impeachment talk and speculation. I’ll try and keep that to a minimum today and instead concentrate on other political news. Let’s explore. Continue reading Otherwise

The Endorsement Of Tim Kaine

Tellthtruthonthem.com endorses Democratic Senator Tim Kaine for reelection in Virginia. You may be saying to yourself here Larry goes again endorsing a moderate Democrat. This endorsement is well earned but it also illustrates the nature of American politics in 2018. Let’s explore my reasoning. Continue reading The Endorsement Of Tim Kaine

Before I Exit The Door

Unlike most bloggers, (I dislike the term, it sounds like someone vomited), I very seldom immediately post what I write. Normally I write it the day before or at least only a few days ahead of publishing. However my wife and I are taking some well-deserved time to travel over the first ten to twelve or so days of September and this will be the last relatively live article of mine you will read until September 14th. In the spirit of “cleaning up” I decided instead of dedicating an article to a single topic I would make a series of short observations and/or comments. Continue reading Before I Exit The Door