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A Trident Of News

Traditionally the Sunday article covers the biggest event of the prior week. Today that is impossible. Several events have been covered in detail earlier leaving three, all of which are equally important and unfortunately bad. In no particular order, let’s explore. Continue reading A Trident Of News

A Path Forward – Part Seven

I’m guilty. In this case I really do not matter. Most Democrats including many key players in the 2016 Clinton campaign are also guilty and that ended up being a big deal. The crime: Not taking your opponent’s chance of winning seriously enough. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Path Forward – Part Seven

An Attack And An Expose’

I hesitated to comment about this situation but when something happens in your “backyard” I guess you have a moral obligation to weigh in considering you are more familiar with the turf than most. Sunday the news broke that the Republican Headquarters in Orange County North Carolina was firebombed and graffiti was found in close proximity. Let’s take a look what we know of the event and some reactions to it. Continue reading An Attack And An Expose’


While driving through a rural North Carolina county earlier this week I came across a very patriotic looking billboard aimed at single issue gun rights voters. Let’s take a look at it today. Continue reading Gunfoolery