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Trump’s Last Win?

It appears that the 2018 mid-term election is finally over. Tuesday night Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith was returned to the Senate. The result was not surprising and her margin of victory (54-46) was about what I guessed it would be (55-45). The biggest questions: Was this Trump’s last political win and will the majority of Congressional Republicans – especially in the Senate – now stop enabling him? Let’s explore. Continue reading Trump’s Last Win?

Consequences And Veterans

How do you put Veterans’ Day and a short analysis of the 2018 election and its consequences together into a single brief article? Let’s explore. Continue reading Consequences And Veterans

Coming Into The 7th Inning

I thought I’d use a baseball metaphor to illustrate a political point today. When baseball mangers enter the seventh inning they think in terms of nine more outs. We are in the equivalent of the seventh inning of the 2018 elections. One of my pet peeves in politics is how people sloppily interpret polls. Their two big mistakes are failure to take timing and the margin of error into consideration. Let’s explore how that effects what the 2018 Senate races look like today. Continue reading Coming Into The 7th Inning

Happy Birthday President Putin

It is late Saturday morning as I pen this. I know the outcome of the Kavanaugh nomination; I don’t know its “final score’ in the Senate but most of all I’d like to discuss some of how we got to this point and its repercussions. Moscow is 7 hours ahead of Washington, DC. October 7, 2018 is Vladimir Putin’s 66th birthday. Somewhere in the 5pm hour (Washington DC time) the United States Senate is scheduled to vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. Therefore even if Putin is an early riser by the time he wakes up on his birthday Donald Trump will have a big present waiting for him. Let’s explore. Continue reading Happy Birthday President Putin

Chances Are

Readers of a certain age will initially think of Johnny Mathis’ 1960 hit when they read today’s title. My apologies to a very talented singer; I am talking about the chances of Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed to the Supreme Court. As of this writing my assessment is that the chances are he will be; but it is far from a done deal. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Chances Are