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Georgia For The Holidays

It wasn’t much of a surprise but between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning the North Carolina U. S. Senate race was called for Thom Tillis and the Alaska U. S. Senate race for Dan Sullivan. That leaves the current count for the next Senate at 50 Republicans, 46 Democrats along with 2 independents that caucus with them therefore effectively the upper chamber stands at 50-48 with two runoff races to take place in Georgia.  Let’s explore. Continue reading Georgia For The Holidays

Oh No! Joe+

There was a plethora of items that could have been the big story of last week but I chose to build today’s article around one that was far from unexpected – Joe Biden’s entering the 2020 contest. With that in mind and a whole lot more, let’s explore. Continue reading Oh No! Joe+

Expanding On Yesterday’s Article

It may not often appear that way but I actually do try to keep my articles somewhat short. I had another point I wanted to make about the 2020 Democratic presidential primary which I decided would be the basis of today’s article. Also, Tuesday morning one of my “predictions” became reality making my article somewhat obsolete. Let’s explore. Continue reading Expanding On Yesterday’s Article

Blue Florida?

More than a week has passed and I’m still analyzing the 2018 election. Today I’d like to focus on one aspect that has received little coverage but could have the most impact on future elections starting in 2020. Let’s explore. Continue reading Blue Florida?


Fifty years ago this morning shots rang out in the Memphis sky (OK, I stole that phrase) leaving Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. dead. He, like me and all but Jesus Christ (for believers anyway) was an imperfect man. That in no way diminishes the lessons he left us if we are only wise enough to learn them. Two of them coupled with an observation form the basis of today’s article. Let’s explore. Continue reading Lessons