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At A Fork

It is Tuesday morning September 28, 2021 as I tap the keys of a computer’s keyboard to write this op-ed (yes, I still call them that). I see America at a crossroads with simultaneously much promise and much peril. There is no way I can cover all that in a few paragraphs – it would easily take volumes – but I’ll give it a go. Please come along for the brief ride.

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Two Brands; Both Dangerous

There are two far right political brands in America today. They are both dangerous to American democracy. Think this is all hyperbole; read on. Continue reading Two Brands; Both Dangerous

Interesting Numbers

Donald Trump is doing a great job as President of the United States; just ask him and he will tell you so. In fact you don’t have to go to the trouble of asking; just attend a MAGA rally or listen to any speech he gives. For some time now there has been a new truism in Washington. It says that anytime Trump mentions a number he is lying. With all that in mind let’s explore some numbers that came out in the last few days. Continue reading Interesting Numbers

Could This Be His Achilles Heel?

Maybe I’m just too stubborn for my own good, but even after 2016 I am still pretty much a by-the-book political guy. Donald Trump’s campaign was anything but by-the-book! Therefore I’m looking for what will be his political demise. I think I may have hit on it. Let’s explore. Continue reading Could This Be His Achilles Heel?