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An Email And A Problem

Timestamp: Early Sunday morning

On Friday morning I received an email from freshman Democratic Representative Jeff Jackson. (While I live in his state I don’t live in his district. I’m sure part of the reason he emailed me is because he wants my endorsement and vote in his upcoming run for North Carolina Attorney General. In time he will most likely be pleased on both counts. You see the North Carolina Republicans redistricted him out of his seat in Congress. Funny how that happens. No, it isn’t!) The title of the email was “Seven days until shutdown“. The timestamp is necessary but in reality, nothing of substance has transpired between that email and this writing. I’m betting not much else of substance will between now and publishing.

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A House Caucus Divided

WARNING: In order to accurately quote a member of Congress one phrase herein contained violates my self-imposed PG rating constraint.

It will seem like I’m citing several different things as the core story today. In reality it is all about the dysfunction of the House Republican caucus and its detrimental effect on America.

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Why I Won’t Be Writing Tuesday Night

Aside from the years I was coaching and had a game, scouting assignment or recruiting trip that conflicted with it, I can’t remember missing the live broadcast of the State of the Union Address in my adult life. That takes in presidents of both parties; ones I liked and ones I disliked. In recent years I would listen to the speech live (often following along on a leaked transcript) take a very brief break at its conclusion and then write making certain I was posted for the 1am deadline. I’m not certain exactly what I will be doing late Tuesday night but one thing I am certain of is that I will not be writing a review of the State of the Union. In fact there is a better than even chance I will not watch it live. Allow me to explain. Continue reading Why I Won’t Be Writing Tuesday Night