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Progressive Sweeping XVIII

I have a lot accumulated in my “backlog” so let’s try and cover some of it today. Continue reading Progressive Sweeping XVIII

Who To Run And How To Deploy The Ground Troops

There is plenty of material to write about but today I want to ignore most of it to concentrate on the Democrats’ 2020 presidential choices. Precious few words will be spent on the candidate; much more on the “how to win”. Let’s explore. Continue reading Who To Run And How To Deploy The Ground Troops

An Early Peak At The 2020 Senate Races

We are past Thanksgiving as I write this and past both Christmas and New Year’s as you read it. It’s the time for Senate retirement announcements along with declarations of candidacy for the presidency; both will impact the 2020 Senate elections. For the first business day of 2019 I’d like to offer a premature peak. Let’s explore. Continue reading An Early Peak At The 2020 Senate Races

Blue Florida?

More than a week has passed and I’m still analyzing the 2018 election. Today I’d like to focus on one aspect that has received little coverage but could have the most impact on future elections starting in 2020. Let’s explore. Continue reading Blue Florida?

Tell Me What’s Gonna Happen

I ran into one of my occasional readers the other day. He was glad to see me as I entered his office greeting me by the website’s name. His question was basically the title of today’s article (and certainly the inspiration of it.) I was honesty with him and said I didn’t have any inside information or scoops; I just write opinion pieces. The only prediction I made was what I have been saying here for months now: I don’t know when this will all end or just how we will get there but I expect the Trump administration to end with Trump’s resignation ala Richard Nixon in Watergate. More on both of our minds was the mid-term elections and I’d like to share some predictions about them from my “30,000 foot perch”. Let’s explore. Continue reading Tell Me What’s Gonna Happen