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When you looked at today’s title I bet you thought I was omitting coverage of Thursday night’s debate. If you did you were incorrect. Let’s explore. Continue reading Sausage

Essence Of A Scam Gone By

It is a sunny Saturday afternoon in the Raleigh area as I pen this article. About two or three times a year I write a piece that is speculation – this is one of those times. I can’t help it but I smell a rat; one with a very similar odor to another rat I and almost all of America missed in 2003. Let’s explore. Continue reading Essence Of A Scam Gone By

For Now It’s All About Public Opinion

This biggest political story of the week that just ended came out of the President’s mouth. Today’s article will be about impeachment and integrity; in Trump’s case the lack of the latter. Let’s explore. Continue reading For Now It’s All About Public Opinion