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The Announcement That Could Shake Up 2020

There are still some people waiting for another Democrat or two to jump into the 2020 race. I don’t know who the 2020 Democratic nominee will be; in fact I still don’t have a personal favorite yet. Here is what I do know: the 2020 Democratic nominee is already in the race. We have plenty of talent to choose from and there is nobody on the outside that can enter the race and snatch the golden ring in Milwaukee. There is one person who has yet to declare who can have a major effect on the race and he is a Republican. Do I have you intrigued? Let’s explore.   Continue reading The Announcement That Could Shake Up 2020

Things Look Good. That Scares Me!

Today I’d like to take a look ahead to the 2020 elections. 34 Senate seats, all 435 House seats and the presidency are all up. At this distant point it looks very good for the Democrats and by extension progressive causes. It almost looks too good and that is what concerns me. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Things Look Good. That Scares Me!

Would You Buy A New Cadillac For $250?

As I write this column we are just over a fortnight away from Election Day 2016. While the presidential race has supplied me with an overabundance of material I’m ready for it to be over! Most Americans share that sentiment. This has been a particularly disgusting contest primarily consisting of personal attacks, lies and slime. The conversation has been almost totally devoid of policy issues. Coming from both progressive and patriotic perspectives I can’t wait to get rid of the threat of a possible President Trump. The reality is we are not getting rid of Donald Trump totally. However we can make Trump an avoidable annoyance instead of a danger. Continue reading Would You Buy A New Cadillac For $250?

The Unfortunate Override

I’m not sure this qualifies as the biggest political story of last week but to a political junkie it is the most interesting. For the first time during the Obama administration Congress overrode a veto. From the standpoint of practical politics I can see why Obama vetoed the bill and I can equally see why the vast majority in both chambers voted to override the veto. This illustrates a flaw in our political system and I’d like to explore it a bit today. Continue reading The Unfortunate Override