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Progressive Sweeping LXXII

Warning: Today’s article will walk right up to the “PG line” several times. Reader discretion advised.

I know it is not my fashion to publish a “clean up” article on a Sunday but I’m feeling particularly snarky today and there is plenty of material. I just hope against hope that I get it all in.

Continue reading Progressive Sweeping LXXII

And It’s Still Early On Monday

It is early Monday afternoon as I pen this but I’m already overwhelmed with material from earlier today and the last few days. There are a bunch of things I’d like to briefly explore; let’s see how many I can get to. Continue reading And It’s Still Early On Monday

Some Lessons From The Mid-Terms

We are on the eve of the Mississippi Senate runoff. The last few 2018 races are yet to be called but enough of the dust has settled to derive a lot of lessons. Let’s explore. Continue reading Some Lessons From The Mid-Terms

A Smaller, More Radical Caucus

On Thursday January 3, 2019 the new Congress takes their seats. The Republican House Caucus will find itself in the minority for the first time in eight years and more radical than ever. Some time ago the Tea Party faction rebranded itself as the Freedom Caucus. Call them what you may they are just as much a danger to America as ever and now they are even more powerful within the House Republican Caucus. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Smaller, More Radical Caucus

A Wilder Washington?

Today is one of those nerdy, what if days. Ponder this: the Republicans retain control of the House of Representatives. I know that is an unlikely hypothetical but with over 90 days to the election it is not out of the questions. I see a possible repercussion. Let’s explore. Continue reading A Wilder Washington?