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A Couple Simple Points

Todays will not be a typical Sunday article and it will also be briefer. The right wing is trying to make it seem like there are huge differences among the Democratic candidates of consequence on health care. They are also trying to make the consensus Democratic health care platform seem radical and frightening; it is neither. With that in mind, let’s explore. Continue reading A Couple Simple Points

Punish The Truth Tellers

Donald Trump lives inside his own alternate reality which I have dubbed the Donald Dome. He believes everything he says is true and if it isn’t it should be simply because he said it. Therefore if someone says something that either contradicts him or he simply doesn’t like in his mind they are lying. Two examples of that came to light last week. Let’s explore.   Continue reading Punish The Truth Tellers

It Would Be A Nightmare!

Perhaps I’m being overly optimistic, but I don’t see Trumpcare in its current form passing in both chambers of Congress even with the benefit of using reconciliation to get it through the Senate. I am very doubtful that it can pass the House. I don’t see any Democratic support and the Republicans are far from united in support of it. With earmarks gone, Speaker Paul Ryan no longer can control his caucus like in days gone by. That was one of the things that led to John Boehner effectively saying take this job and shove it. On the premise that I’m counting the votes incorrectly, let’s explore what Trumpcare might yield. Continue reading It Would Be A Nightmare!

SPECIAL NOTICE – Recommended Reading Addition

I just added Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few  by Robert Reich to the Recommended Reading list.   Bill Clinton’s former Secretary of Labor and current University of California at Berkley professor Reich gives the best analysis of the free market I have ever heard or read.  The book actually dispels the existence of a true free market.  It also gives significant insight into why many Americans feel they have been left behind and is thought provoking as to what the future may hold.

Rated R – The Enterprises And Associates Of Art Pope

The poster boy for the reverse Robin Hood role is North Carolina billionaire Art Pope. Pope’s inherited business empire operates under the umbrella of Variety Wholesalers. Variety is privately held and therefore it is difficult to get exact numbers, but they do business under ten different names. They are in retail and there are two guiding principles they utilize when determining where to locate a store. They look for a neighborhood with a median income of under $40,000 and a population that is at least 25% African-American. In less polite language, they look for people with fewer options that they can exploit. Continue reading Rated R – The Enterprises And Associates Of Art Pope