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My President Is Incredibly Bad At His Job

I wasn’t around during the Buchanan administration which is generally considered to be the worst in American history. The administrations of Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover brought about the Great Depression, but that predated me too. I was around for the George W. Bush administration which among other things gave rise to the Great Recession. Donald Trump may or may not be the worst American president ever, but he is certainly in the discussion. Let’s explore.   Continue reading My President Is Incredibly Bad At His Job

What You Are Asked To Believe

Donald Trump professes his innocence, gives himself an A+ and rates himself as one of, if not, the greatest president ever. He has been impeached, is awaiting trial in the Senate and many of his people have already served their prison sentences, are awaiting sentencing, are in jail or are under indictment. Let’s explore. Continue reading What You Are Asked To Believe

The Art Of The Steal

For the last few weeks the Kavanaugh nomination sucked all the political oxygen out of the room. Today I want to discuss our current president. One of his claims to fame is that in 1987 he told a lot of stories to Tony Schwartz who ended up doing 100% of the actual writing of the “co-authored” (with Donald Trump) book The Art of the Deal. Trump also likes to boast about how he is a self-made multi-billionaire. The reality is more like the commonly heard analysis that Donald Trump is rich because he was born rich. Let’s explore.   Continue reading The Art Of The Steal