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Progressive Sweeping LXXIX

To say I have some catching up to do is an understatement. Sweeping; I need a bulldozer and I’d still get an incomplete!

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Progressive Sweeping LXXVII

To a large degree today’s will be a different sort of “sweeping” article in that much will be my opinions/observations as opposed to current events comments. I’m anxious to begin and hope you will read along.

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Predicting ’24

Nothing like starting the new year on a fool’s errand – predicting the future in American politics. The first four are what I think will be the biggest American political stories of 2024 and the fifth will come as a shock to many (although it won’t even cause a ripple in American politics for the vast majority.) Continue reading Predicting ’24

Something Smells In Kansas

Today’s article actually displaced another I had originally planned for today. While it is easy to dismiss as a “Who cares?”, “It’s someplace I never heard of or will never even visit” or “Not my problem, man.”; the core issue is much larger and could end up being a problem we all share if we ignore it. Let’s “travel” Kansas for a few minutes.

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