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What Next?

I’ll admit I’m caught up in the DC parlor game of speculating now that the Trump Shutdown 3.0 is over what happens after February 15th. I certainly don’t have a definitive answer, but I have theory worth exploring. Please come along. Continue reading What Next?

True Conservatives See Problems Ahead

I openly admit that I am a progressive. I make no excuses or apologies for that. While most of the news I consume comes with that slant I do expose myself to several legitimate conservative sources. It is important we make a distinction between true conservatives and those who have coopted the label but are for the most part just largely ignorant right wing radicals. Conservative and crazy are not synonymous. Let’s explore.   Continue reading True Conservatives See Problems Ahead

An American Life

It’s Tuesday afternoon as I pen this. The big political speculation is what President Trump will do in his 9pm address from the Oval Office. Will he declare a national emergency on the southern border or not? I’m more of a bottom line guy and in this case the bottom line is that Trump will do what he always does: lie and distract. Let’s explore. Continue reading An American Life