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Interesting Numbers

Donald Trump is doing a great job as President of the United States; just ask him and he will tell you so. In fact you don’t have to go to the trouble of asking; just attend a MAGA rally or listen to any speech he gives. For some time now there has been a new truism in Washington. It says that anytime Trump mentions a number he is lying. With all that in mind let’s explore some numbers that came out in the last few days. Continue reading Interesting Numbers

Can The GOP Survive Trump Until November?

It is a rainy Monday morning in metro Raleigh as I begin to write this article. That is probably reflective of the mood in the halls of power of the national GOP. They spent a good part of last week trying to put out fires caused by Trump and the Tea Party only to have Trump start another on Sunday with a tweet. Let’s explore. Continue reading Can The GOP Survive Trump Until November?

Scam Week?

For the second time in the Trump administration this is supposed to be infrastructure week. (The previous one didn’t accomplish anything.) Monday is the kickoff day of the workweek in America and somehow the Trump administration chose the same day to unveil its budget for the next fiscal year; for a publicity conscious President that is really a case of stepping on yourself. That is unless of course both the infrastructure program and the budget were scams. Let’s explore. Continue reading Scam Week?

The Trump Tower Tax Cut

Before I go any further let me admit that I stole the title of today’s article from Chris Matthews. I caught him uttering it the other day in passing, I don’t know if it is his original thought or not but it perfectly sums up what Trump and the Republicans are attempting to do. Let’s explore. Continue reading The Trump Tower Tax Cut